• I live in The populated area of Ontario, Canada
  • My occupation is Game Designer
  • I am Shy Guy
  • Geniusguy445


    October 24, 2011 by Geniusguy445

    I'm working on a theme for the GIW, not here. Just an FYI.

    But I also am working to not make 1000 edits on the GIW before the 5th for a reason close to my heart.

    Sooo, I may seem inactive there for those reasons.

    Halloween theme arrives when I can get it to. Includes new background, logo, and a few pics.

    Also working on the new layout for the GIW. Thus, I'm busy. Even without school.

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  • Geniusguy445

    Character layout

    October 20, 2011 by Geniusguy445

    Can we decide on how to organize character pages?

    How about


    as an example.

    I... kinda like that layout. Then add extras as necessary. Lke the GG page.

    K thnx bi.

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  • Geniusguy445

    issues? again?

    October 18, 2011 by Geniusguy445

    So the header doesn't want to show more than two characters in the anti hero category? Sigh.

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  • Geniusguy445

    Since the new multi level menus feature was made available, I have been playing with it to make it useful to the wiki. When I figure out how to do that, expect a better version here. Better, because I'll know what I'm doing, and I know exactly what pages should belong where. Hopefully soon. Til then, don't forget your raccoon suit does not let you fly! Toodles!

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  • Geniusguy445

    Hi everybody! It's The Genius Guy again! Audience groans. GG glares. Audience cheers loudly. Alright. Today, i was working on my user page, and was wondering how I should post an info box to let everyone know crucial details about the character's involvement in recent games. (Actually, I started at my user page, glanced at achievements, saw that I show upload one picture to a page to get a reward, and begin this path.)

    So, I figured, it would be best to upload a nice, new pic of me without text shouting my name. With that decided, I also uploaded the other two pictures I had worked on.

    So this is all well and good, when I realize, hey, where does the picture actually go? To E.T.G.'s page to look at the info box. Eh, erm, ok. That looks like it…

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