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  • Bkiddyman

    After getting older, I began to become more open-minded.  I no longer hated XBOX and PS3 nor did I fanboy over every Nintendo system that came out.  Sure, I still like Nintendo, and I believe Nintendo to be the superior company, but I acknowledge that the competitors can make some damn fine games too.  Unfortunately, this open-mindedness also told me another thing.

    I should redo the entire Epic Saga series.

    And by redo, I mean I want to change the plot, the locations, and the characters.  I would definitely prefer to change the characters that are based on users.  Perhaps the appearance wouldn't be different, but I believe that if any user would like to be in Epic Saga, they should give me a name more suitable for a video game.  I know I'm a…

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  • Bkiddyman

    This is a present for Ouroburos.TheNewSaurian, Geniusguy445, Godzilla4000, and Ethanthegamer; all users who've supported Epic Saga Wiki since I announced it was here.

    So what is the gift, you may ask? Why, spoilers about what I intend to happen and to be revealed in Epic Saga, of course!

    So, without further ado, here they are:

    As I'd leaked earlier in one of my scripts, E.T.G. is the son of Terios and Penumbra. So, the name came to be when Terios gave birth to E.T.G. When he was born, he resembled Terios quite a bit, but because he was an offspring of two of the major Sacred Dieties, he could not be considered one himself (which was a rule. A major Sacred Diety had to beget a child from a minor one for them to become a major sacred diety.…

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  • Bkiddyman

    I suppose you all want to know what I have in store for Epic Saga: The Afteryears, so here's an unofficial preview of that game.

    It's years after the events of Those Who Fight. Jared is king of the newly revived Sauria, Sephira is Queen of Rannali (with a husband of her own species, mind you. Her love for Jared will be proven to have been a childish phase), Turbo continues to guard the Demon Emerald, Genius Guy, Dark Guy and Galactic Petey, work alongside Bowser as bosses themselves, and E.T.G. waits at Planet Conquest, watching over the universe unlike the other deities that once lived there. Leaving Beecanoe as the only one with a destiny (he refused to take Dry Bowser's place after his demise).

    The universe is in turmoil. New planets have…

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