After getting older, I began to become more open-minded.  I no longer hated XBOX and PS3 nor did I fanboy over every Nintendo system that came out.  Sure, I still like Nintendo, and I believe Nintendo to be the superior company, but I acknowledge that the competitors can make some damn fine games too.  Unfortunately, this open-mindedness also told me another thing.

I should redo the entire Epic Saga series.

And by redo, I mean I want to change the plot, the locations, and the characters.  I would definitely prefer to change the characters that are based on users.  Perhaps the appearance wouldn't be different, but I believe that if any user would like to be in Epic Saga, they should give me a name more suitable for a video game.  I know I'm already trying to find a new name for my character, because Beecanoe is just completely ridiculous. 

Also, I'm not sure if I want user-based characters to be playable at all.  I suppose it would depend on the user and when exactly they ask to be put in the game.  For example, I was thinking that Geniusguy445's character Genius Guy would not be playable in the game like before, but instead a recurring boss that serves Bowser. 

Plus, to appeal to many different audiences, I was thinking that the story wouldn't revolve around a team of heavily Mario-based characters (with the exception of Ouro), but instead would revolve around a player created character that can choose to be good, evil, or neutral.  This player-created character would, based on his morality, enlist the help of several video game characters across the universe to work towards stopping a diety that has the power to destroy the universe (yep, I'm still keeping Apocalypse). 

The appealing to many different audiences part is that it will be available for not only GigaCom, but for Wii U, Playstation 4, XBOX One, and PC.  The video game characters that you can have aid you will vary based on the version you play (if a series's developers have made games for that system and could continue making games for that system, then characters from that series will appear in the version of Epic Saga for that system).  The GigaCom version will have characters from game ideas on Game Ideas Wiki.

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