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You have found yourself on the main page of a successful game idea franchise. The idea of Epic Saga first originated on the Game Ideas Wiki and grew to be so expansive that it deserved its own Wiki! Thus the idea for the Epic Saga Wiki came to be.

Helping OutEdit

This idea is a work in progress, so it's very easy to be a part of working on it, even if you aren't a part of Game Ideas Wiki. If you wish to add something, please request it on the talk page beforehand. Beecanoe, the creator of the series, is very accommodating if you ask him about joining in.

Saturday Poll
Should any new characters be introduced into the upcoming Epic Saga film project (this idea is still debatable)?

The poll was created at 20:05 on February 11, 2012, and so far 19 people voted.

Latest activityEdit

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